Risk Management & Due Diligence

Some of our services....

Due Diligence

In our 30+ years providing due diligence services, we've developed and unique network of resources and skilled investigative agents, enabling us to uncover hard-to-get Intelligence unobtainable by others.

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Whether you are hiring a new employee, entering a new business or personal venture, theability to conduct reliable background research can reduce your risk and improve the accuracyof the information or lack thereof.

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McCabe Associates has been conducting sensitive and complex, large-scale international investigations for over 30 years on behalf of Corporate Management, Executives, Boards of Directors, Global Security, and Legal Counsel.

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Brand Protection

Brand Protection and Intellectual Property Protection are mission-critical concerns forcorporations keen to safeguard IP in the face of the growing global threat from counterfeit andpirated goods. read more + »

Executive Protection

McCabe Associates has provided Executive Protection services for over 30+ years without incident. We offer a wide and varied set of security and safety measures to protect your employees. read more + »

Security Consulting

With our 30+ years of providing a wide range of Security services, our consultants are fully qualified to help you assess your business' security more + »